Welcome to the 2019 Ocoee River Championships ! 

 Registration will be opening in late June and will be done online. It is preferred that payment is online, but if you are registered in advance, you will be able to pay at the event provided you are on time to check in. Registration numbers will be capped according to USFS permit restrictions.

Please register as early as you can so that we can make the best possible event. Coordinating live bands, food trucks, sponsors, vendor displays, meeting numerous Forest Service requirements, etc. a lot goes into the event, and advance knowledge helps a lot. Downloading and bringing a signed waiver will help things go quicker and more smoothly at Check in.


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Competition FAQ

How do I sign up as a "Junior", "Cadet", "Masters", etc. ?

Automatically determined from birthdate

Is my CC Secure ?

CC info is handled under SSL encryption directly to our processor, ORC/ORBF never get your card details

Will I get a medal if I am the only Junior/Cadet/Master in event X ?

Medals will be awarded where there are a minimum of 3 entries in a "class". Results for age groups or even gender will be "rolled" up to make a class where possible.

Will the schedule change ?

We will stick to the schedule as much as possible, however minor changes may be required based on number of entries and factors beyond ORC control.