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competitors: ARE YOU READY?

This event is meant for crowd entertainment.The 2018 Ocoee River Championships Ducky Cross will consist of a heated race from Slam Dunk to the bottom bridge of Olympic Section.  



Race Layout

  • Competitors must navigate the correct way around every required obstacle or set Duckycross gates.

  • Racers will be set into groups or heats for the first round allowing groups of 5-10 people in the heats. 

  • From each heat the 33% of each heat will advance. Placed competitors in each race will progress to the next phase and the others will be eliminated.

  • Competitors are allowed to touch the obstacles with any part of the equipment or body as long as safety rules are not breached

  • Competitors must be right side up and in their ducky at the finish line.


  • All paddlers competing in the race must wear an approved PFD + helmet. 

  • The only rules are no grabbing, holding other competitors, grabbing skirts or interfering with another (hands or paddle). Hands must stay on paddle.

  • No intentionally aiming towards someone's face or upper part of the body. Head Judges decision is final. (Automatic Disqualification)



For competitors ONLY racing in duckycross, registration is $20. If you are on a raft team and have registered for duckycross, registration for duckycross portion is $20. AT THE END OF REGISTRATION FORM THERE WILL BE A DISCOUNT CHECKBOX, TO REDUCE THE REGISTRATION TO $20. IF YOU ARE COMPETING IN A “HARD BOAT” EVENT, THE FOLLOWING REGISTRATION FEES APPLY.


Early Registration Fee thru September 10, 2018.   After September 10 - $70 + $10 each event registered.
*Includes T-Shirt, entrance to party Friday and Saturday, beer/beverage ticket, and some cool swag.